The Greek Telephone Directory has been serving the Greek community of the Greater Montreal Area since 1984.

From its inception, its purpose has been to bring our compatriots closer together while offering a plethora of useful information and affordable advertising solutions. It aspires to help maintain our cultural identity but also provide a means to support one another in our struggle to become successful and fully integrated members of Quebec’s society.

During the first 10 years of its existence, the telephone book was a predominantly monochrome publication. Aside from the covers and few glossy pages, the rest was black ink on yellow paper. In a pre desktop publishing era, production was a manual process where pages were setup by cutting and pasting typed text and pictures onto paper. From these collages, plates were made for the presses; meanwhile, glossy pages for enhanced results were first turned into color films before submitted for printing.

Although computers and graphic art software had been used in larger publications since the mid ‘80s, it wasn’t until 1992, when the directory was purchased by its current owners, that its production process was finally modernized. With the arrival of the first Windows computers, the residential listing was entered into a database that could be easily updated and time saving programs brought versatility to a creative process that used to be entirely manually executed. In 1999, as it had quickly become the standard in the graphic design world, the directory made the switch to Mac.

The same year, just in time for the new millennium, the Greek Telephone Directory launched its website making its content available all over the world and more accessible to younger generations. Inspired by that year’s cover art, the site offered for the first time users the ability to search our online database quickly and easily for Greek individuals, businesses and services.

Along with the evolution in pre-press and printing technology, a number of improvements were made in the production process of the directory and its overall appearance. The directory was printed on white paper for more contrast and better legibility, whereby the yellow pages went from a 2-color print process to a 3-color process. In 2005, the directory went 100% digital.

For the past 35 years the directory has evolved not only because of advances in technology, but it has grown alongside our Greek community, reflecting the hard work of our brothers and sisters who have managed to thrive in every field imaginable. It is thanks to their accomplishments and your constant support to them and the Greek Telephone Directory, that our publication has become such a success. Double its original size, with dozens of glossy pages and full color yellow pages.

Listening to the demands of today’s technology, we are launching the new website, user-friendly, up-to-date and technologically-wise, aiming to the younger generation. With we will have updated data all year around, viewable also from your cell phones and an abundance of useful services from Greece and Canada, helpful and necessary to the future generations.